Marche paper

In this workshop we will use discarded paper, such as newspapers, recycling them into new artistic or utilitarian objects. The first step is to choose and create the general shape of the object we want to develop (it can be made with balloons, cardboard, paper, wire, etc). After the shape is made, we cover it with strings of paper that are dipped in a mixture of white glue and water. This means that the paper is added into the shape we create, adjusting to its volume. This is repeated until the shape is well covered with at least 2 layers. Depending on time, we might also be able to experiment with the paper paste that can be created with shredded paper mixed with glue and water. The shape we created earlier can be covered with this paste, making it possible to have a different texture, to adjust the shape and add details. After the workshop, people might paint their creations with acrylic paints.