Enhancing adult education to promote upcycling based on Creative Artistic Crafts

E-CRAFTS  focuses on the education and training of adults with fewer opportunities, in order for them to develop new competencies regarding sustainability and well-being, through Arts and Crafts activities. The project aims to contribute to the empowerment of adults with tools to promote Creativity in the search for innovative solutions, in response to the current challenges of environmental preservation, inter-sectoral cooperation, preservation of knowledge and cultural heritage, while promoting social inclusion and the well-being of people.


Objective 1

Enhancing the cultural heritage of people and local communities at the level of trades and crafts.

Objective 2

Promoting the artists and art as a way of valuing vulnerable adults, local culture, and the reuse of products through upcycling. 

Objective 3

Developing innovative educational proposals that promote upcycling.

Objective 4

Promoting the social, emotional, and mental well-being of people as well as the valorization of culture and their knowledge. 

Objective 5

Sharing different local cultures, in the European context affected by the economic and health crisis.


The project activities involve the transmission of knowledge, techniques and materials by the artists/artisans to the other beneficiaries, according to the premises of active, experiential and intergenerational learning, privileging two forms of interaction: the face-to-face and virtual one.



A handbook with methodological guidelines for adult education, adapted to vulnerable adults such as the elderly, people with disabilities and migrants, based on upcycling workshops.  


A toolkit with educational video tutorials guiding do-it-yourself upcycling activities in the context of adult education. 


A sustainability plan that consists in outlining a future plan on sustainability and entrepreneurship for the multiple stakeholders involved.


The art of restoration and transformation 

The art of restoration and transformation 

What if, instead of buying something new, we make use of what we already have at home? How about transforming objects that we already own, giving them a new life?  This is the mission and the essence of the work of the artist we want to present you today!  Isabel...

Ceramics, abstraction, creation and presence 

Ceramics, abstraction, creation and presence 

Passionate about everyone's creative and artistic potential, especially through ceramics. This is the artist we want to tell you about today! The artist  The artist's name is Cristiana, she lives in Ovar and graduated in Plastic Arts at the Faculdade de Belas Artes of...

E-Crafts crafted. A world of art and crafts.

E-Crafts crafted. A world of art and crafts.

With pride and satisfaction, the consortium completed the course of workshops held this year in regard to the project E-Crafts (2020-1-PT01-KA227-ADU-094892). Eighteen techniques to test, many artisans to meet, and a lot more of participants to involve along this...